Computer Center, Workshops

Computer Center

A modern computer center occupying an area of 300 sq. mtr. serves as a central facility for all the departments. Center comprises of a server room having eight servers, two IBM servers for data base, a Web server, a Linux server, Library server and a Domain server.

All the terminals in the center and computer Labs are connected through high speed networking with AVAYA Technology and Cisco switches and are certified by AVAYA, a US based company. A Firewall unit also exists for monitoring and controlling network traffic.

All the terminals are provided with Internet connectivity by Leased Line with the bandwidth of 200 Mbps with 1:1 ratio. 100 Computers are connected with 200 Mbps. Apart from all licensed softwares, the center is also equipped with visual aids like LCD projectors, OHPs, Colour printers, Scanners, Digital webcam etc.